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The Garden Bridge Lifestyle Centre was established as a full-fledged garden, art, creative and relaxed lifestyle-oasis in 2015 with the sole purpose of having something for everyone to do.

This center's Management Team knows that the Lifestyle Centre, located on a main route to Klerksdorp, will be the ideal location for this valuable legacy.

The front view of this Lifestyle Centre boasts with one of South Africa's most unique bridges. Not only is this bridge an inheritance treasure dating from 1913, but it is the very same bridge which was part of the well-known Potato Shed in Gauteng. At that time, the bridge was shipped from England to Johannesburg.



The first thing one notices whilest enterting the Lifestyle Centre is the Waterwheel at The Bridge Cafe.

This waterwheel was added to the Centre in 2016 and houses at least 15 different cloloured koi fish which is a GREAT attraction for the kids!

Not only is a meal for every taste bud, young and old, created in the cafe's cosy little kitchen, but also freshly brewed coffee, rich milkshakes and even some cakes for the sweet tooths.

The Bridge Cafe also hosts a various number of different functions such as stork teas, christenings, kiddies parties and so much more!

Not to mention the fantastic garden atmosphere created by De Brugge Tuynmakery!

This is one of Klerksdorp's largest nurseries and they promise to offer the best service and quality products!

Here you can find all kinds of plants, pots, pebbles, stepping stones, water features and even some cute garden ornaments.

Not only does De Brugge Tuynmakery strive to offer the best in-store service and value for your money, but they also offer the best service while working in your very own garden at home! Reasonable prices are always asked for garden planning!

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The Garden Bridge Lifestyle Centre also offers fantastic kiddies facilities for all customers.

A clean and safe kiddies playground, trampoline and jumping castle facilities, big chess and even an adventure putt-putt course to entertain the kids with! In 2019 a games and rides arcade was added to this wonderful list!

Not only will the children enjoy the entertainment, but Mom and Dad are welcome to join with the big chess, putt-putt and arcade!

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That said, The Garden Bridge Lifestyle Centre boasts with entertainment at it's family friendly bar known as The Beer Factori.

This bar is one of Klerksdorp's greatest event venues, and best of all, they specialize in craft beer, drafts, ciders, whiskey, brandy, rum and so much more!

The pizza's is prepared in a wood fired pizza oven which gives the pizza a personal touch! All kinds of functions and events are also hosted at this HOT venue!

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This Lifestyle Centre also offers a very unique Mexican bar and cafeteria: El Toro Loco, otherwise known as "The Crazy Bull".

Here you wil find CRAZY deals on exclusive Mexican meals and beverages weekly!

This restaurant is also a fantastic venue for your very own exclusive and private event.

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Futhermore, the Lifestyle Centre offers a large variety of Lifestyle related shops such as a car wash, pet shop, aquarium, beauty salon and doggy parlour - all in one stop!

Now, THAT'S a bargain! The Garden Bridge Lifestyle Centre truely has something for everyone to do...